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UAV Physical Security Solutions


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones, are one of the fastest emerging applied technologies. They are being used in a wide variety of roles, from infrastructure inspection to aerial photography, news reporting, public safety, and humanitarian relief. It is anticipated that they will become more commonplace as regulations enable widespread commercial use in industries such as package delivery.

UAV Physical Security Perimeters


As UAV usage increases, they present new problems to organizations whose airspace may now be subject to surveillance or intrusion. Aside from distraction or even disruption of normal activity, UAVs can create safety concerns with operations in the air and on the ground. UAVs can easily breach existing access controls to property, flying over or around perimeter security mechanisms. Small and usually quiet, they may enter restricted spaces completely undetected. Using sophisticated HD-quality cameras, they can monitor premises in real time or record images and video for later use, even at a distance. Able to carry payloads of several pounds, they can quietly deliver weapons, contraband, listening devices, or other items that can threaten the privacy and security of your organization, workers, and guests.

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Sports Venues need Drone Physical Security


Traditional measures to prevent physical or electronic intrusion do not work when drones are used. Because the UAV industry is growing rapidly and technology is advancing faster than regulations can adapt, you cannot afford to rely on industry self-regulation, government mandates, or legal protections. Just as government cannot protect your cyberspace, neither can it protect your airspace. Concerned organizations need to seek effective technology-based solutions to counteract the new threats.

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Drone Security in your Operations Center


How can you protect your interests unless you know when and where the threat appears? Immediate awareness of a potential threat from a drone enables you to react quickly and appropriately. You need to know about the drone before it gets close enough to invade your privacy or cause damage. You need TIME to react and DISTANCE to defend. You need the most advanced detection available.

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Drone Defense Physical Security Solutions
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