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Incident Response

Cyber crime is eclipsing all previous expectations and today every major big box corporation in America as well as many others are confronting the unfortunate reality that they have been breached. When you are the victim of a cyber crime your intellectual property, business continuity and business as a whole is threatened. When you are breached you are diluting the intellectual property (IP) of our nation thus reducing our national competitiveness.

Integris Security's security professionals are here to help you discover the point of entry, collect and analyze relevant data all to help aide in the recovery from a break in. We can help reduce the stress, frustration and questions as to what to expect if Law Enforcement is called in.

Integris Security's Incident Response procedure typically resembles the following processes:

  • Preparation
  • Detection
  • Containment
  • Remediation
  • Resolution
  • Closure

Integris' services can aide in the following actions:

  • Crisis Management
  • Emergency Management
  • Critical communications
  • Criminal Prosecution
  • Bot-Net Investigations
  • Analysis for Reactive Defenses

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