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Cloud Security

Cloud technologies enable businesses of all sizes the ability to do amazing things. Like most other technologies, cloud computing can have drastic benefits yet sometimes demonstrous risk. Cloud computing, when done properly, provides a scalable and highly available environment that administrators, developers and business owners appreciate.

The downside of cloud computing typically affects Confidentiality and Integrity. These added risks can be mitigated or eliminated with certain key areas with the help of Integris Security's Cloud Security services.

At Integris Security our testers help ensure that your cloud configuration's follow all security best practices. We test both documented and undocumented features within your cloud systems.

  • Amazon EC2 and VPC Configuration Reviews
  • Private Cloud Architecture Review
  • Cloud Planning for Compliance
  • Full Disk Encryption in the Cloud

Our services prevent common problems:

  • Data Exposure
  • Compliance Failures
  • Needless Data-Breaches

Well, for many of our InfraGard members and their associates this is exactly the conversation we're used to having. We heard over and over again that outsourcing was going to save you millions, maybe save the company and other wild assertions coming from normally well grounded people.

Then came Cloud Security, oh my. The sky began falling. Rational risk takers believed in the cloud faster then they could say risk tolerance.

Then we analyze and discuss the risks. Who else is on the server? What does the service level agreement say? Where is my data located? The questions continue.

Today, we're looking at Cloud Security as a viable way to help our SMB Clients and, as well, our larger clients, the benefit of using Cloud Technology while minimizing risk.

Our team at Integris Security would like to discuss your security concerns with you. Contact Us

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