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Technical Architecture Reviews

How you build your enterprise can be frustrating knowing what you know, given the limits of your ability to staff and budget everything you'd want to bring to bear to protect your universe.

Why not gain the benefit of our insight. Integris Security talks with security personnel from all walks of life and all types of systems and configuration backgrounds. If you're not certain, or if you just want a fresh look and gain some additional perspective from the security focus, contact us.

Integris Security performs the following types of tests:

Network Topology Review

The network and topology of a networked system is reviewed for industry best practices including DMZ utilization, Ingress and Egress firewall rules, Intrusion Detection and Prevention best practices, Data Loss Prevention best practices, Two-Factor Authentication usage, VPN remote access technologies.

Software Architecture Review

Software architecture is reviewed to ensure that sensitive data is secured using the best industry practices while either in motion or at rest. Points of interest during this type of review include placement and configuration of edge security appliances, load balancers, internet accessible services, database placement and replication, single points of failure and other industry best practices.

and more...

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