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Top 15 Cyber Security Precautions

You wouldn't leave your business' doors unlocked or your cash drawer unattended when you're not watching. So, why would you leave the lifeblood of your business – INFORMATION ASSETS – any less protected than your physical assets? Many executives who are well-versed in traditional risk issues do not fully understand the similarities to cyber risk concerns. To help bridge this gap, we have compiled a quick reference of some of the top cyber security issues in more familiar terms.

Top 15 Cyber Security Precautions Your Business Can Take Today

  1. Know what you have to steal. Do you know what assets are in your cyber “cash drawer”?
  2. Know what you have to vandalize. Criminals can break the “windows” of your website and more.
  3. Who has the keys to your kingdom? Identify who has elevated privileges in your organization.
  4. Know your employees. Assemble your security team, including IT, legal, audit, and management.
  5. Give your employees clear directions. Develop IT policies and procedures, then train your staff.
  6. Protect your crown jewels, first. Prioritize your efforts. You can't protect everything equally.
  7. Re-key your cyber locks. Use stronger passwords, and consider using “double” locks.
  8. Jiggle your own locks. Act like a burglar. Try “jiggling” your own locks, using penetration testing.
  9. Think like a thief. Look at all the vulnerabilities in your systems and processes, and your suppliers'.
  10. Have a plan. Be prepared to respond if you suffer a break-in or other disaster.
  11. Who's watching? Monitor who's coming and going into your systems...and who's watching YOU.
  12. Compliance counts. Be sure you're compliant with laws and regulations. Violations can be expensive.
  13. Get to know your local police. They're a part of your team. Include other agencies that can help.
  14. Join a neighborhood watch. Talk to your neighbors, including similar businesses and associations.
  15. Get professional advice. Do you do your own repairs? Your taxes? Talk to professionals who specialize in the field.

The risks are too significant to ignore. Start the conversation with your trusted staff today.

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