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Security Tools

Integris Security provides a cost-effective online portal that offers tools for administrators, business practitioners and security professionals.

We also offer a new automated heuristic scanning solution. Please refer to the technical presentation describing the scanner at Hacking With Glue: Heuristic Vulnerability Scanning, and contact us directly if you are interested in deploying it in your environment.

Our security tools currently include the following.

Hover over the names for a tool tip description of each tool.

  • SSL/TLS Basher
  • HeartBleed Checker
  • Domain Names
  • DNS Resolver
  • DNS Open Relay Scanner
  • EMail Address Harvester
  • Fierce DNS Scanner
  • URLCrazy Domain Scanner
  • Whois Checker
  • Cross Site Framing Tester
  • Nikto Vulnerability Scanner
  • SQLMap - SQL Injection Scanner
  • WafW00f Web Firewall Scanner
  • WebShag - HTTP Vuln Scanner
  • WhatWeb - HTTP Technology Scanner
  • ZAProxy - Web Vulnerability Scanner
  • Blind Elephant - Framework Fingerprinter
  • JoomScan - Joomla Scanner
  • WPScan - Wordpress Scanner
  • IKE VPN Scanner
  • NMap Port Scanner
  • NTP DoS Scanner
  • GeoIP Lookup
  • Hash Check
  • Recursive SafeBrowsing Checker
  • Whois Lookup
  • ZAProxy
  • DirS3arch
  • Blacklist Checker
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