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Integris Security News References


Rabbi Yoseph Geisinsky
Chabad of Great Neck, New York
"There are those that make things happen, those that watch things happen, and those that say 'What happened?'" On behalf of Chabad of Great Neck and the entire community who benefits from our services I want to sincerely thank you for "making it happen"...

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Luis Gonzalez
Owner, Interconnecta
"Integris Security provided me invaluable insight into the planning and execution of the Interconnecta computer network, configuration and web application architecture. Their services allows me to operate my business with confidence in its stability and reliability"

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Gerard Hiner
EVP Sales, Webair Internet Development Inc.
"The security services offered by Integris Security has allowed us to increase our value to our customers by being able to offer both new and existing clients Penetration Testing and Incident Response services. Working with Blake in particular has been great..."

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