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Integris Internship Program

Integris Security seeks exceptional upperclassmen and graduate students participating in college/university internship programs. Intern positions are tailored to each student's respective career path. He or she is required to fully develop a work project that will be presented to their school officials and future employers as a portfolio. A student profile, including a brief project description, will appear on the Integris Security website.

The university program also provides networking opportunities with established business/government representatives.

Work Expectations:

As an intern with Integris Security LLC you will utilize your career of study to migrate business strategies from concept to tangible solution. While doing so, you will find exciting opportunities to:

  • Work along side industry experts
  • Assist in building a small business
  • Identify industry solutions
  • Improve/sustain budget operations
  • Cover security news stories
  • Acquire broadcasting experience
  • Author white papers
  • Improve/sustain budget operations
  • Design multi-media presentations
  • Meet with executives of the government and private sector security professionals
  • Gain national recognition


  • Server Administration
  • Security Tools
  • Software Design
  • INFOSEC Operations
  • Web Developing
  • Database Design
  • IT Management


  • Camera
  • Sound/Lighting
  • Film Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Special Effects
  • Advertising
  • Graphic Design
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media Expertise: Blogger/Twitter/Facebook/Linked-In/YouTube/ETC

Positions are not limited to the above listing. Contact Us today and discuss how your academic discipline may integrate with our organization.

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