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About Blake Cornell

Blake CornellBlake Cornell, Chief Technical Officer, has been an IT innovator and developer with over a decade of experience within software and security. He has consulted Fortune 500 companies and various law enforcement agencies with hopes of enacting solutions to ease every day issues.

Mr. Cornell had previously presented a topic at an FBI cyber security conference detailing the threats of domestic terrorist cell’s using Unmanned Aerial Improvised Explosive Devices (UAIED) within the US mainland. Thirteen months later Rezwan Ferdaus was arrested, charged and eventually sentenced to a 17 year prison sentence for attempting to execute what Mr. Cornell had outlined during his presentation. As well, Cornell has created several unique technologies including remotely controlled full disk encryption appliance platform, intrusion detection and prevention, three-factor authentication solutions, OSINT Acitve Denial System (internal use blacklist) and more. In 2003, Mr. Cornell designed, wrote and implemented a semi-passive network tracking technology which revealed the identify of the IT administrator hosting a majority Islamic Terrorism websites at that time.

He has researched technologies including Network Security Heuristics, Web Application Security, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) security, Digital Currencies, Quantum Computing, Protein Folding, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and as well discovered several zero-day vulnerabilities affecting millions of servers on the Internet.

He has presented software and security topics at Briarcliffe College (Bethpage, NY), Astricon 2007/2010, The Last HOPE (New York, NY), The Next HOPE (New York, NY), ICCS 2009/2010/2012 (New York, NY), HIMSS Virtual Conference, regional OWASP events, FRHack, LIPHP, Fordham University, Hackfest 2013/2014/2016 (Quebec), HackMiami, regional InfraGard events & the LIBN Cyber Security Summit 2015/2016.

He has been published or has had his work mentioned or quoted in publications such as CNet News, Communications News, Security Focus, Fierce VoIP, United States NIST NVD, Security Vulns, Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine, milw0rm, Packet Storm, CBS News, Security Reason, Exotic Liability Podcast, SecLists, HITBSecNews, PC Magazine, Long Island Business News, The Daily Blu, Networking Magazine, Vocativ, Newsday, Journal Record, Daily Record, NY Daily Record, Minnesota Lawyer, Lehigh Valley Business, New Orleans City Business, Central Pennsylvania Business Journal, Idaho Business Review, Innovate LI and the Washington Post.

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