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Trust is at the core of Integris Security. We can be counted upon to provide you with the services and intelligence to keep your customers, information, systems and business secure.




What is your "Risk Tolerance"? We test your digital systems, your custom/third party applications and your trusted employees resulting in lower risk to your business. Risk Assessment/Management begins with testing.

Regulators today are requiring compliance to federal guidelines and regulations. The Financial Services Industry is under the gun with GLBA, SOX, Dodd-Frank and more to comply. The goal post is moving and additional assurance is in great demand.

Integris Security LLC wants to join you on your security journey and help provide you with the professional resources for compliance requirements. Our experts are vetted, industry professionals with years of proven experience.

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The health Care industry is under transition in our new digital age. At every point critical patient information is flowing across networks, being exchanged from one institution to another, one physician to another. Protecting patient data isn't just important it can be critical.

Integris Security LLC can help you comply with HIPAA and the Affordable Care Act (as it is implemented). Let's put Integris technical resources to work to protect the data, your patients and your Health Care Institutions.

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Rarely does the local business owner get the chance to obtain the necessary training and development to protect their business, customers and business partners the way they should. They are too busy running the business.

Our suite of PCI-DSS business services can take that weight off your plate and put those security issues to rest. We have the trained professionals with the technical expertise to bring you into compliance and avoid fines of up to 750,000 thousand dollars. Integris can help.

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